about me

About Me

In a minimal form 


Dedicated to Mama

"The Painter"

I've learned a lot being here in San Francisco, the music, art, food, etc. Ambitious to learn more, I've looked into the world of cooking, and now painting, the possibilities of creation are endless. It all started when I came out here to pursue a career in cooking for the most well-known restaurants, twas a good run but then, my mind switched and decided to pursue the painting. From there I had my first solo show in May of 2012 named "Dreams" located in North Beach San Francisco Ca. Following that I got acquainted to doing murals. Since then I've been in a documentary called "The Mural", painted numerous walls in SF, featured in newspapers, exhibited in numerous shows. I wanna thank God for giving me this strength, my family, and friends for the support and motivation, and to you, yes the reader for taking time to check out my page, Peas and Carrots. 

CV available upon request.